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CALL software list sorted by Vendor
Caveat: This page hasn't been seriously worked on since last century

ESL Software

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The Pep Registry of Educational Software Publishers:

The entire TESOL CALL Interest Section Software List is on-line at A printed copy of the 1999 list is available from TESOL for $26.95 (non-members) and $22.95 (members). Information at

The CTICML online database of CALL software is at:

Lists of Vendors

Planet English used to have a software vendors and downloads list. If you can find it on their website, either at or please let me know.

Andrew Taber (graduate student, Seattle University School of Education) posted a list of software vendors which has been rendered into hypertext by Linda Thalman. It is posted with Andrew's permission at (updated by Linda, June 1999). Andrew Taber's ESL Software Sources: June 1997 was up in April 2001 at

Ruth Vilmi has a CALL Help page at

Ottowa-Carleton District School Board Annotated Inventory of ESL Computer Resources:

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Listed by Source: Vendor, Publisher or Clearinghouse

I used Andrew's list as a starting point, but have since added my own corrections, additions and annotations. Here is the result:

For my reference: publishers and vendors are in bold, software titles are in italics, and neither bold nor title means I'm still working on that entry


Accent Techn (800) 401-2438: Accent Labs, (gives no DNS entry, 8/24-30/97)

Addison Wesley Longman (ESL Help Desk at 1-800-266-8855),

American Language Academy (800) 346-3469;;

Asymetrix (800) 448-6543,; now

Athelstan (800) 598-3880, This well maintained site lists (but not links to) CD-ROM, authoring, and other CALL software product vendors. In addition, there are resource lists for videodisc, language labs, newsletters, journals, books, organizations, an extensive CALL bibliography, & etc.

According to an email from the vendor, Auralog software "covers all the skills to learn a language, including reading and writing, speaking and listening, grammar, and vocabulary. Our key feature is our state-of-the art speech recognition, enabling the student to improve his/her pronunciation and have a real conversation with the computer. It is available to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Feel free to visit our website at for more information. We have the most extensive offer on the market with up to 1,000 hours of learning per language. Our Spanish package was recently awarded the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award for best Spanish learning software at . We have also recently started a portal for online learning, which can be found at . The portal has up to 2,000 hours of learning per language, making it the most complete language learning program in the world. It is available to learn English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Dutch." May 14, 2005

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Berlitz (800) 526-8047, The requested object does not exist on this server.

BroderBund (800) 521-6263, The Software for Education area of this site has Programs by Subject, Resources for Educators, information on Preview Centers and Teacher Training sessions, Tips and Tricks for Teachers using Broderbund products & etc. The focus in reading is on K-8 (kindergarten through 8th grade).

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The California Instructional Clearinghouse (209) 525-4993, lets you search the Technology in the Curriculum Online Evaluations Database. Fields for dbase search include "Recommended for English Language Development", "Published since", grades to include (grades between K and 12). From the result, you click a title to get a rating and descriptive review of the product. Clicking on the publisher expands to contact info and a list of other products by the same publisher.

Cambridge University,

Camsoft, 10 Wheatfield Close, Maidenhead, Berks SL6 3PS Tel & Fax +44 (0)1628 825206 Email:,, Fun with Texts, Gapkit; the complete catalog, in April 1998, was at

Sounds Virtual Inc.,, CAN-8 Multimedia Instructional System

CE Software (800) 523-7638,

Centron Software (800) 848-2424, (Most Centron Software products are available for immediate download; e.g. a crossword puzzle maker)

Clarity English +852 2791-1787, Tense Buster, Author Plus, Automatic Exercise Generator, Report Writer, Read It!

ClassNet (800) 922-8020,, Systems for Interactive Computer Control in the Classroom, puts every computer monitor, mouse and keyboard in the instructor's control.

Cogix: There is a "nifty" crossword puzzle maker available from

Columbia University Press (800) 944-8648,, with online catalogs of books and CD-ROMs.

Compu-English Systems,, Easy English Grammar

Computer-Assisted Language Learning @ Chorus, features "cutting edge" CALL, including shocked listening comprehension exercises (Shockwave plugin required). I particularly like the TPR preposition exercises, where you drag the ball under the table or in the basket, as per instructions.

Courseware Publishing International (800) 837-1193; 408-446-4590,

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Daedalus Group (800) 879-2144,

Davidson & Associates (800) 545-7677,; or; search the database on two fields (age and category; e.g. language arts or writing/creativity) at

Delta Systems, clearinghouse, online catalog,, claims to be the largest ESL and foreign language electronic bookstore on the web.

Discis Knw Rs (800) 567-4321

DSI, Discovery Systems International (800) 889-9950,, creators of CourseBuilder

DPI Vcb Bldr (800) 374-2140

Duke U (919) 660-3190;

DynEd International (800) 765-4375;

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Earth Star Publishing,, All-time Classic Best Sellers on CD-ROM for us$35

Edmark (800) 691-2986;; kid stuff, mostly

Educorp, 7434 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121-2410; Orders: 1-800-843-9497, Info: 1-619-536-9999, Fax: 1-619-536-2345;, Who is Oscar Lake?

EduSoft (800) 237-3838;; English Discoveries info here

EF Multimedia, +46-8 5879-3000 (Sweden), , Escape to Planet Arizona

Ellis - for more info: (ok January 2007)

Encomium Publications, Encomium Publications, (800) 234-4831,, TOEFL Mentor (ok April 2006)

English Computerized Learning Inc., 888 Terrace Plaza, 4445 Calgary Trail South, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6H 5R7: makers of Pronunciation Power and Speech Solutions CD-ROMs (403) 448-1032, Calgary;;

EPC (509) 522-0180; - English Pro pronunciation software, and sells subscriptions to English lessons

ESL SuperStore Multimedia Dept.; Check out the ESL Review Sites page for links to online reviews and assessment procedures:

Eurocentres (888-eurocentres);

Exceller Software Corp., 2 Graham Road West, Ithaca, NY 14850, phone: (607)257-5634, fax: (607)257-1665,, e-mail:; Focus on Grammar

Exclsior Sft (800) 473-4572;

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Fairfield Language Technologies,, The Rosetta Stone

Ford Lang I Am Accent (800) 445-8043;

Formavision Eng Dscvy 33(0)147081212;

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Glencoe (800) 334-7344;

Globalink Pwr Trnslt;

Greenfield Learning, lead;

Globalink Pwr Trnslt;

Go Wild!, is brought to you by Precision Computer Systems and trades in ecologically oriented CD-ROMs and homepages. The site has links to search, shareware, download, and plugin sites, among others (such as environmental resources for education)

Group Lgc (800) 476-8781;

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Harcrt Brace Acc. Engl (800) 245-8744;

Harper Collins Cobuild (44)1903873633;

Heinemann ELT 1-865-311366;

Heinle Heinl Adv in Pron (800) 278-2574;

Higgins, John;, Eclipse, Dropin, Sequitur

Holt, Rinehart and Winston (800) 237-2665; 301 Commerce St., Suite 3700, Fort Worth, TX 76102 USA, Phone: (800) 237-2665 - fax: (314) 528-1090,

Hot Potatoes, for Martin Holmes's amazing free JavaScript templates such as JBC and JQuiz for Win95,

Houghton-Mifflin (617) 351-5000;; for Common Space, see Sixth Floor Media, below

HRB Systems,, Telephone: 1-800-598-7890, Extension 4444; e-mail:; ESL 2000/Language Dynamics

Hmnities Sft Outsiders (800) 245-6737;

Hyperglot Lrn Spk Eng (800) 949-4397;

Hyperbole NewReader (614) 594-4609;

Hyperstudio from Roger Walker Publishing

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IMSI Esy Lang (800) 833-8082;

INS Corp Quick Eng 3 5434-5241;

Inspiration (800) 877-4292;

Intechnica (800) 788-8730;

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Jasmine Mlt (800) 798-7535;

Jostens lrng (602) 678-7272;

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Knowledge Adv (800) 542-4240;

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LANGSOFT and language learning software developer;

Lawrence Prdc;

The Learning Company Sch (800) 685-6322;; from a spam email message promotion:

Learning Co Lrn to Spk (800) 852-2255;;

Learnout & Hauspie focus on speech technology, voice recognition, translation services and linguistic components. In August 1998 they acquired Inso and NativeEnglish Writing Assistant, developed under the direction of Marianne Phinney. More info at

LinguaSy;, for some free downloads; e.g. LS Grammar Guide, suggestions on how to use their programs such as concordance and cloze, targeting verbs; site license prices $15-$75 apprx.

Linguatec (408) 746-3901;

Linguatroncs Eng. Disc. (800) 352-1282;

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Mac Library Shareware;

Macmillan (800) 716-0044;

Macromedia (800) 326-2128;, Authorware, Director

Magic Qst (415) 286-6000;

McCloud, M Reading Str (206) 874-8611

Mtn Lk Sftwr (800) 669-6574

Mindplay (800) 221-7911;

Mindscape, Inc. (800) 231-3088;; Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing,

Mindstorm 03-5701-5533;; From the web page: "Our mission is to provide an environment where children learn at their own pace, enjoy the lessons presented, and continually return for more."

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NAS Educational Software Inc. (905)764-8079;, deals in ESL programs with Canadian content, e.g. Canadian Links for ESL (also a source for English Express, "packed with Canadian multimedia content").

New Horizns (800) 365-9774; http/

W.W. Norton (800) 533-7904;

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Orange Cherry (800) 672-6002;

Oxford University Press LTD Go 44(0)1536741519 (see Microconcord, below)

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Passport Virtual Publishing,, 1-800-850-4373;

PC Library Shareware;

Pierian Software makes Digital Chisel; Download a demo at$/dc3demo.qry?function=form. They also have a Discount Software Catalogue with full commercial up-to-date versions of software specially discounted up to 80% off suggested retail prices.

Prentice Hall Canada, (800) 548-6899;; GRAMware

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Question Mark Computing, 44 71 284-3999 - (Question Mark) Web is a converter that runs with QM Designer for Windows to deliver tests via the Web or an intranet, demos at

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Renaisance Design (800) 733-2787;

RDA Mnd Bldr Proteus (800) 654-8715;

Roger Wagner (800) 421-6526;

Round Lake,

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Sanctuary Woods 1-800-943-3664 (Major League Reading);

Software Lbs Shareware (800) 569-7900;


Sixth Floor Media (800) 565-6247;; Common Space

Smartek Ed (800) 858-9673;

SmartliteSoftware has a program for creating, managing and analyzing multimedia questionnaires, tests, evaluations, assessments,

Snyder, T (800) 342-0236

Software for Students distributes Easy Writer: Interactive Software for ESL Students, The software has an accompanying book, which is "The Grammar HELP! Student Workbook". (Web site accessed Feb 2006)

Sound Foundry: Sound Forge;

SpeakEasy InfoGap (510) 376-0632


Steck-Vghn Rl lif Eng (800) 531-5015;

Syracuse Language Systems, TriplePlay Plus!, Business English, Lts Tk Eng (800) syr-lang; and

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TalkFast Language Software, -

Tandberg Ed (800) 367-1137;

Thomson Publ (800) 865-5840;

Tom Snyder Pr (800) 342-0236;

TOEFL, introducing computer-based testing; and Tim Vickers suggests: Check out to see the direction the GRE has taken, and test site locations.

The TOEFL Superstore, for "any TOEFL or TOEIC book you want," videos, CD-ROMs, TOEFL-prep software, etc.

Trnity Software Spch Wrk (800) 352-1282;

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Ultimate Reader by Universal Learning Technology (Mac & Win) adds spoken voice and visual highlighting to ANY electronic text;

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ViewCom Tech (800) 243-2710;

VOICEbooks Listn Undr +39 80 5237112;

Voyager Co (800) 446-2001;

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Web Course in a Box (W.C.B.), free to educators;

Wida +44 1815676941,, or

World Rdg (800) 729-3703;

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MultiMedia Learning Systems;; Netscape Proxy is unable to locate the server: The server does not have a DNS entry.

We have posted over 700 pages of EFL instruction lesson plans in HTML on our Web site ... designed to be used in conjunction with our CD-ROM-based multimedia courseware ... These lesson planning guides can be found ... by going to our home page and selecting "Support" and then "Teacher Manuals". The manuals offer lesson plans to supplement our PC-based instruction for teaching listening comprehension and speaking skills from the true beginner level through high intermediate level.

Listed by Software Title

Accelerated English, Courseware Publishing International (800) 837-1193; 408-446-4590,, Traci Talk, Active English, English Vocabulary

Active English and Active English Activities, Courseware Publishing International (800) 837-1193; 408-446-4590,

All-time Classic Best Sellers on CD-ROM for us$35, Earth Star Publishing,

Author Plus, Clarity English +852 2791-1787,

Authorware, Macromedia (800) 326-2128;

Automatic Exercise Generator, Clarity English +852 2791-1787,

CAN-8 Multimedia Instructional System, Sounds Virtual Inc.,

Common Space; Sixth Floor Media (800) 565-6247;

Connections, BCI,; The BCI/Connections program was developed to meet the needs of learners who were not familiar or only slightly familiar with the English language. There are three components to the BCI Connections program: Academic English, Functional English and Citizenship Skills

CourseBuilder, DSI, Discovery Systems International (800) 889-9950,, claimed to be "one of the easiest to use courseware authoring programs," demo software downloadable.

Crossword Creator, Centron Software (800) 848-2424, download from; see also Cogix for more crossword puzzle software.

Daedalus Integrated Writing Environment, Daedalus Group (800) 879-2144,

Director, Macromedia (800) 326-2128;

Easy English Grammar, Compu-English Systems,, Easy English Grammar series includes "Tenses" and "Prepositions, Phrasal Verbs and Articles"; download demos

Eclipse, Higgins, John;

Ellis, CALI Inc (801) 756-1011,; ELLIS info here

English Discoveries, EduSoft, (800) 237-3838;; English Discoveries info here

English Express;

English Express Delux; Davidson & Associates,

English Vocabulary, Courseware Publishing International (800) 837-1193; 408-446-4590,

ESL 2000/Language Dynamics, HRB Systems,

Escape from Planet Arizona, EF Multimedia,

Focus on Grammar - Intermediate Module, Exceller and Longman,

Focus on Grammar - Advanced Module, Exceller and Longman,

Fun with Texts, Camsoft,

Grammar Games, EF Multimedia, +46-8 5879-3000 (Sweden),

GRAMware, Prentice Hall Canada, (800) 548-6899;

JBC and JQuiz for Win95. They go by the name "Hot Potatoes" and you can get the beta from:

LearningSpace, Lotus, helps setup on-line courses, change the order of test questions in multiple versions, grade the multiple answer questions as well, in the neighborhood of $450 with a 50% discount for institutions

Longman Dictionary of American English,

Longman Interactive Dictionary, Addison Wesley Longman (ESL Help Desk at 1-800-266-8855):

Lotus Learning Space, a tool for authoring and courseware design

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, The Mindscape, Inc.,

MicroConcord, Oxford University Press, was taken out of print in 1997. The program is available for free from Mike Scott's web site at:

Monoconc, Athelstan (800) 598-3880,

NativeEnglish Writing Assistant, Learnout & Hauspie,

Oscar Lake, Educorp (800) 843-9497;

Pronunciation Power, English Computerized Learning Inc., (The following were also recommended for pronunciation in a summary of responses to a TESLCA-L posting: American Speechsounds, TEAM, and Fluency Practice)

Puzzle Power, Centron Software (800) 848-2424, download from

Question Designer and Perception from Question Mark have particular strengths for testing/surveys etc. There are examples and downloadable demos at their website

Read It!, Clarity English +852 2791-1787,

Report Writer, Clarity English +852 2791-1787,

Rosetta Stone, Fairfield Language Technologies,

Speech Solutions, English Computerized Learning Inc.,

Speech Works,

Tense Buster, Clarity English +852 2791-1787,

TOEFL Mentor, Encomium Publications (800) 243-4831,

Toolbook, Asymetrix (800) 448-6543,

Traci Talk, the Mystery, Courseware Publishing International (800) 837-1193; 408-446-4590,, developed by Sang Ham on Authorware, Chin on graphics, Phil Hubbard on script, Vance Stevens on editing / enhancing Phil's humor and making BNF grammar files, and the staff at CPI.

TriplePlay Plus! Syracuse Language Systems, (800) syr-lang;

WebCT - for courseware development, "a very stable system and simple to use for anyone who feels confident using a web browser (the means by which students access the course)." David Catterick - TESLCA-L Digest - 14 Mar 1999 to 15 Mar 1999 (#1999-73)

Who is Oscar Lake? Educorp (800) 843-9497;; Oscar Lake available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Typing Programs:

Ultrakey -- Ages 8-100 Home & School Editions (lab pack and site license available) Runs on Mac (3.5 " disk ) and Windows (CD-ROM Win 3.1, 95) published by Bytes of Learning Incorporated (CANADA)1-800-465-6428 or 416-495-9913

A list of exhibitor-participants at the Exhibitor's Technology Fair at TESOL '98 can be found at

Software in the UAE is available at (free delivery)

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