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From BBC's Clickonline, May 2006:

This page is hopelessly out of date. In March 2003 I'm adding: and Howstuffworks

YOU are there: Share the experience with ...

This team made the summit on May 22, 1997 and has since returned to Seattle.

and coming up ...

Other Everest sites:


aRT :-]



Jokes and humor


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Song lyrics


Youth and Yuppie

Science and Discovery

Facts and discovery


Kid Stuff




Travel and Geography



What time is it there?




Getting there

Currency Exchange

Once you're there

Now, when you locate that quaint spot for a good, cheap meal in whatever backwater foreign country you're in, you'll find the yuppies at the other tables who are looking bored and wishing the others weren't there hoping to salvage some vestige of a third world experience on the trail they all follow, are consulting not The Book, but their LAPTOPS! since they all downloaded the same page from ...

Learn a bit about world languages elsewhere on this website.

Money and Business

News and News Media

Computers and the Web

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The Web

Computer Stuff

Computer Magazines and News


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U.S. Government Fun Stuff

Federal Government WWW Servers,

A comprehensive list of U.S. government servers. The list is broken down into three areas: multiple-agency servers, single agency servers (including the executive and legislative branches) and government consortia servers.

The Federal Web Locator,

An award-winning hot list of links to U.S. government WWW resources, compiled by Kenneth Mortensen of the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy.

American States,

An alphabetical list links you to the official home page of each of the 50 U.S. states. These home pages cover broad topics such as education, business, government and travel.

Government Information Sharing Project,

A demonstration project by Oregon State University designed to provide Web access to U.S. federal government information. Areas covered range from demographics to economic data to education statistics.

Keeping America Informed: U.S. Government Printing Office,

The Government Printing Office Homepage offers electronic access to documents published by government agencies. Papers from the National Budgets to Nicotine Regulation Documents to Congressional Records are searchable and available for down-loading in both text and PDF formats.

Postage stamps online:

Income tax documents - I'll put the url here once I relocate it (vance) - or you can find it by searching IRS + "tax forms" on a search engine such as Altavista

Not from the US Government

A web site to help people study for the Citizenship test, - quizzes based on the hundred questions both in oral and written format and practice dictation.

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