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Free Web Services

These days, it is easy to set yourself up with email and web space. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection (in other words, the tools you are now using to view this website). The only problem is: remembering all your passwords

Free! Lists of free providers | listservs | web storage | web hosting | email | redirection services | surveys | hit counters | greeting cards
Not so free domain registration | commercial web hosting

Lists of free providers

These sites compare free and fee-based web hosting services:

Steve Schackne has a "Web World" page which lists web hosting resources at:

Does the idea of a virtual slave appeal? Not sure what's here - there has to be a catch: "Yep, it's Tons of Free Stuff, and it's all new. A great new design, but all the great free stuff remains. Just select the stuff you want out of the categories, and you'll be on your way to Tons of Free Stuff!" at

Start a discussion group or user group list, free has tips posted by Jean Vermel on opening a listserv.

Kathryn Sucher advises, in a 15 Jul 2000 posting to Neteach-l: “Many ISPs will support the perl or cgi script that a message board requires. If you're already paying for an ISP, you might inquire whether you can run a script. You may be able to! If so, your ISP may have some free (and ad-free) scripts available to you. (I'm with and they offer a free wwwboard, for example.) If your ISP does host cgi or perl scripts but they don't have a message board script, here's a free one from TESOL (also with no ads): . TESOL also provides other scripts to educators, such as virtual voting booth (Votsie), a crossword-maker, and form-mail, etc.Check it out:

The hitch in all of this is that you may need help in installing the script. I was very successful contacting a free-lance cgi-script-installer/programmer (now there's a job!) that I found at: His service cost me $40, but now I can run a virtual voting booth for the rest of my life: free and ad-free! I think it's worth it, and I'm happy to read on this list posts from others who share my concern for protecting our students from ads while they are studying!” <Kathryn Sucher granted permission to quote this; Feb 15, 2001>

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Get a disk drive in the sky

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Free home page space is available from:

Note: Space allocations listed below were for the most part checked in 2001, are probably out of date, most likely increased in most cases ... impossible to keep up with, so use what follows as rule of thumb only, and I'd appreciate knowing about any erroneous information (Vance) ... There are more lists of hosting services here.

As a service to the ELT community, TEFL Professional Network will provide free hosting to TESOL/IATEFL and other convention presenters and authors. Maximum space per individual is 5mb. Papers will be located at (According to a 13 Feb 2001, Neteach-l posting)

This came unsolicited in my email from: Emirates Cyber Community <>: "Get a free web site for you personal usage at: This offer is only for personal/individual usage."

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Redirection Services

Got unwieldy url addresses from signing up with the above services?  Redirect your url to something more mnemonic




And, not a redirection service, but a bookmark system:

· See more information on Networds at this website

A way to keep an apparently static Web presence

"Free Dynamic DNS is a service provided by Dynamic DNS Network Services, aimed at ISP users who would like to have a static IP, but their ISP simply does not offer this service, or charges an exorbitant amount for it, possibly in excess of $200/month. It allows users to alias their dynamic IP to a static hostname, hosted at Please see the news page for important service information. Free DynDNS is now in a full public release stage."


Hit counters

The Fast Counter at the following address is (or was) free:

Free Email

Free email is available from most of the above providers and from:

· Hotmail -

· Excite -

· Juno -

· Mailcity -

· Netaddress -

· Pegusus Mail – - shows attachments separately and gives you a choice about what to do with them (including save without opening)

· Rocketmail -

· RocketTalk is a free service that allows you to send voice messages over the Internet to anyone else with RocketTalk or an Email account. Get your Free RocketTalk Account at A disadvantage is that the service sends an executable attachment containing the player, and not everyone trusts such attachments.

· USA Net -

Email in Spanish: visit, and go to "correo electronico"

Get free email encryption from This service requires you and your correspondent to both be hushmail users. Your email is encrypted for travel through the Internet and unencrypted only by the recipient. The service pays for itself by delivering advertising directed at you based on your profile (not by selling information about you to 3rd parties, according to hushmail web documents). Probably all the free services operate in this way.

Find a listing of free providers of email here:

Seen on the lists:

“It took me a while to figure out that the free e-mail accounts were useless for what I had in mind, because they weren't POP accounts - and so can not be used with Eudora and some other email software. Just a warning that might save someone some time”

To which a helpful colleague replied:

"Iname" at <> supports both web-based and POP e-mail services. The POP version lets you use Eudora and other familiar e-mail software, but you use it from the iname web site rather than through your ISP's mail server. ... The POP based option cots around $25 per year; not free, but still quite a bargain.

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If you want you can register your domain name:

You can use:

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Web Hosting for Commercial Purposes

Get a list of hosts from, or from, or, or try:

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Vance’s scratchpad: I’m not sure what these offer:

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