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WCET, the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications (, and C2T2, the Centre for Curriculum, Transfer & Technology (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada,, have announced the launch of EduTools (, a Web-based resource for the higher education community. EduTools was built to assist higher education in using a more rational decision making process to review the many options in course management systems. EduTools is a redevelopment of "Online Educational Delivery Applications: A Web Tool for Comparative Analysis" developed by C2T2 and Bruce Landon, of Douglas College in British Columbia. EduTools' researchers review each product using the producer's Web site resources, a product demo, and a set of guiding questions. A variety of analyses are available to users of the site: they can compare specific products for instance, or can ask for a list of products containing specific features. WCET is also developing three new companion sites that apply the same decision-making models for comparisons of other tools. These new sites, set to debut over the next year, will analyze student services software and service providers; e-learning policies; and instructional technologies.

John McVicker and Suporn Chenhansa's excellent hyper-description of web-based training, with sections on Web teaching and learning, Perl/CGI, JavaScript, Authorware/Shockwave, Other web authoring tools, and Web media tools is subsumed in Language Teachers' Resources: (*viewed February 24, 2004)

CTI's list of Sites related to the use of the Internet as a medium for language teaching and learning, including browser-based CALL software is at (viewed April 17, 2001) On September 4, 2002 Xenu Link Sleuth reports this url redirected to:; still does that Feb 24, 2004 - gives email address if you're looking for a particular page.

Edward Tanguay has been developing a workshop since 1999 on how learners can use the Internet, including websites where exercises can be made. To get there, go to and click on theWorkshop, right-hand column. (The workshop is simple and practical, but I got very slow and incomplete load in of its components - April 17, 2001)

"Web testing systems" are listed here: (July 20, 2001 posting to calico-l)

David Easton keeps a list of quiz-making sites at (viewed April 17, 2001)

Learning Management Systems compared

"Evaluation and Selection of Web Course Management Tools", by Sunil Hazari, University of Maryland: focuses on Blackboard, Course-in-a-box, Lotus Learning Space, Top Class, WebCT, and WebMentor. (*viewed February 2, 2007 at relocated URL)

Deborah Healey treats authoring software at the following urls:

Authoring systems, stand-alone and web-based

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Not sure where to file this one yet, but Steve Chadwick has produced a prototype of a simple text reconstruction program and would be grateful for some feedback. The features are:
- See/hide all text
- Type word to guess if it is in the text
- Click on any word to reveal it.
Any length of text is acceptable. This is a flash template which imports the text from an external file, hence easy to author. Regarding feedback, Steve writes (Aug 2007): "I am particularily seeking your opinion on the following points: In order to achieve the 'click on word' functionality I have had to create each word as a separate object. This has affected the spacing of the words and punctuation. Do you think this is acceptable? What other features should be included? If you are interested the template is here: "

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