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Some Models for Online ESL Teaching and Learning


Everyday English

Monica Lowy's provides an opportunity to learn target idiomatic expressions by means of Realaudio and video on a trial basis at a cost of nothing to the student. There is a $25.00 email package that is offered but for ESL learners looking for freebies, there are free lessons on a trial basis..Monica Lowy has taught ESL in Madrid and has an RSA certificate from International House, a well-known language academy in Europe and the rest of the world.

EFI: English for Internet

Vance teaches a course at EFI called (at a suggestion from Dave Winet) Writing for Webheads

The EFI (English for Internet) has a website at Dave Winet, head guru at EFI, is creating compelling environments in online teaching using The Palace, ICQ, Real Media, Vosaic, and lots of other way cool stuff; e.g. realtime simulations or seminars using, for example or InterSpace (

EFI teachers have produced websites at the URL's below.

Virtual Schoolhouse EFI: The Vsefi is teaching LIVE on the internet. Students meet synchronously with their teacher, generally at The Palace. Get a schedule of Vsefi classes at

Here are Dave's new instructions for getting to the VS/EFI at the Palace:

There are two ways to get there -- one requires downloading a 'client' (a program that stays on your computer); the other requires a 'java-capable' browser (which both Netscape and IE are nowadays, unless your version is really old...)



There are instructions with graphics on how to do this at

More sage advice from Dave Winet: To put a picture into your Palace briefcase, open the digitized picture in any photo manipulation program and RESIZE it to 60 x 60 pixels. Then do edit/copy. Then open Palace, open the briefcase, click NEW and then edit/PASTE Then with your mouse MOVE the pic around until it looks good in the little window on the lower left...then save.

Global English

Pretty slick ... Try it for free, then subscribe for a fee. This site provides an opportunity to volunteer in a couple dozen countries. It also provides online TEFL training, for a fee. (February 2003)

Peak Online Interactive English

Peak English,, provides "online interactive English" material that your students can register to do (free). Features include: core curriculum lessons, listening lessons, coaching practice, games, reference, etc. It's a slick site


From Dale Hinchey on TESLCA-L: "One of the latest web innovations in TESL/TEFL is an on line course which teaches simple English spoken discourse. The course is organized for specific times , in classes of 12 students, and requires participant's computers to have a sound card , and a microphone. will take you to the home page which will load a photo of a cartoon image which represents a city -downtown area. In the upper left corner of the screen there will be a small school building with a sign " E F English school ". If you click on that it will take you to a page which offers the on line speaking course. You have to send an E-mail to the course administration for more information."

TWO-L (Teaching Writing Online)

Several teachers posted their websites to the TWO-L list. Here are two still up as of January 16, 1999:

Pete Pinney has a web presence at:

Dave Schelle will be teaching an online composition class this fall to high school seniors "and upon successful completion, they will receive both high school credit and college credit ... The class attempts to be a stand-alone internet class: there's no text to purchase, no worksheets to mail, etc. All resources are electronic. You may find more information on it at this address:

Other independent teacher websites

Dana writes from Korea: "I just launched my webpage, and it has some EFL material some of you may like. ...."

Ruth Vilmi consistently posts interesting work on the web. Here is one example: "At HUT, I have been trying to develop authoring programs to suit my purposes. I believe that the students should, in groups, write their own adventure games , add obstacles (language exercises) , pictures, sounds and even video clips and then play each others games, and publish them on the WWW for others to play. ... do have a look at the limited work my students have done. ...You can play the games ... Login as a guest - you don t need a password:

also: "... under my International Help page (from my home page) - you'll find a few good Spanish links, including some interactive exercises ..."

Elaine Hoter's "English Through the Internet" at:

ESL courses on the Web to students all over the world; and/or, courses for ESL teachers.

There is "a free online English programme with currently over 3,000 subscribers (April 1999). It provides a new lesson each week, and, yes, teachers may freely photocopy them if they wish." - Paolo Rossetti

Martin Holmes says this about his online English Writing Course: "It consists of about 180 pages of material, including 44 pages which are mail-in html forms, through which students submit their work. When I was writing it (which took six months), I found that I had to write little "helper" programs to auto-generate the tedious HTML for multiple-choice questions and that sort of thing. Most of the course is behind password-protection, but one whole unit (Unit Three) is available for a browse if you're interested!

Greg Younger is teaching a business presentation skills class to managers from different Samsung companies. The URL is:

Nancy Hildebrandt reports on an article: "Mid-career professionals return to online schools to further their education....Online education breaks down many of the barriers except cost." Two of my browsers refused to access "" on presentation of the above url on January 16, 1999, but Nancy goes on to give the following links relevant to that article:

Some more established online centers

"There are several different ways to take classes over the net. These will give you an idea of some of the approaches available for continuing adult education. I would urge you all to click the links to the class projects and assignments (especially at Spectrum University) as they show the creative ways in which the students develop ways to teach themselves." - This was taken from either Neteach or TESLCA-L, source not recorded.

Here are some other examples:

Joe McVeigh, University of Southern California, reports on TESLCA-L:

1) The CALL Interest Section of TESOL at their Academic Session in Seattle gave a wonderful panel on on-line courses. The outline of that persentation with the complete presentations of four of the panelists and links to their own technology-enhanced courses are at the following address. Most of these were talking about classes which used the WEB to enhance their courses as opposed to delivering the course over the internet.

2) The Chronicle of Higher Education reported on an analysis of WEB based courses in which the top rated course was the American History class at the following address:

From: Waddah Abdelsalam on TESLCA-L: Here are some distance learning sites that you may find interesting:

You can also find interesting resources at the American Studies Center site, Salzburg, Austria. It can be found at

Western Michigan University will present "Advanced English Composition On-Line for the International Community" a 12 week course offered entirely on the internet. This noncredit course is designed for those who wish to improve their English writing skills and is intended for non-native speakers of English. Cost is around $600. The class was again running on January 16, 1999, and may be previewed at

The Technology Coordinator Arun Kumar Tripathi has an archive on Distance Education:

From Ben Schneiderman's keynote speech at WorldCALL 1998, Melbourne: Sci.virtual-worlds is a USENET newsgroup, dedicated to the discussion of virtual interface technology, and (Student HCI Online Research Experiments); also Tools for HCI Education and Training at and the Teaching Technologies page of the University of Maryland's Academic Information Technology Services at


Dr. George Mitrevski has a Knowledge Design site with: "a tutorial on how to write Form Mail exercises, where the student fills in a form and the answers are e-mailed to the instructor, a group of students, or an entire class. It's located at"

Here's a bag-o-tricks and tools Dave Winet sent out to the faithful recently:

Nicenet's Internet Classroom Assistant (Nicenet exists, but not at this address; research needed)
An excellent virtual classroom; includes conferencing, personal messaging, document sharing, link sharing, scheduling, no software needed.
A powerful program that features real-time chat for up to 9 people, whiteboard, voicemail, file and URL transfer, lots more.
This Microsoft product is perfect for online lessons. Video, Audio, Chat, Whiteboard, File Transfer.
AOL Instant Messenger (also, not at this address ??)
Excellent software for private one-on-one chat.
Yahoo! Pager
Another excellent program, very similar to AOL Instant Messenger.
The most popular web-based email program.

Online Tutorials

Teaching English Online
Take this online course from EFI to prepare you to teach online.
Language Teaching and the Internet
A very useful workshop from Linguistic Funland.
Help Web "A Guide to Getting Started on the Internet"
Just getting started on the web? Here's an excellent guide to the basics of the Internet.
Learn the Net - lots of pertinent topics on web practitioning
After you've mastered the basics, learn some of the finer points of the Internet, including how to make your own web page.

Online Lesson Resources

The Tower of English Library
Start your search for lesson resources right here in our extensive library.
The Tower of English Study Hall
Find more materials in the Study Hall. These are more specifically related to ESL.
Materials for Learning and Teaching English has moved to
Some excellent resources from Easton Language Education.
Links to ESF/EFL Lessons and Lesson Plans at
Many of these are designed for classroom use, but can be adapted for online classes as well.
Lobby of the Tower of English - This appears to be an online teaching service.

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