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WiAOC 2007: Webheads in Action Online Convergence

May 18-20, 2007

Conversations on Networking, Education,
Communities, and Technology

Goals forApril
Archive: Progress in January | February | March

Progress to date: Tagging system decided | Steering committee formed | Conference dates set | Supporting partners contacted | Theme agreed | First tier keynote invitations accepted | Call for Papers issued | Submissions System in place
Yet to do: Gain admin access to Submissions System | Harvest and vet proposals | Establish portal with registration for conference
Volunteer: Please visit this page and request to Join | If you are on the Steering Committee please visit here and interact with us:

Before the CfP was issued this page was linked from the site in order to attract as broad as possible a spectrum of support and assistance for the conference in the months running up to March. After that, a more formal portal system is being put in place with notices geared toward the general public.

Accordingly a framed redirect has been established for this page at This page can also be reached from

Tagging: Please tag artifacts associated with the conference 'wiaoc2007'

Planning goals for April <-- we are here

We need to extend the CfP from April 7 to 15 and send an announcement to all lists where the call has been posted:

Vetting System

Portal, to be redirected from

The Webhead spirit is one of creativity and innovation and willingness to experiment that I think sets us apart from others. I would like to see that difference maintained in our conference. There might be some ways we can cushion the shock when people come on board and find that things aren't laid out neatly for them. But I think if you look at our feedback from our last conference some did respond that THIS was one of the most appealing aspects of our conference, the most revelatory. The other side of the coin is that it will be off-putting to some, but I'd rather think in terms of making the bronco easier to ride than offering up a ride that is tamed and controlled but ultimately less interesting.

With this in mind, here are some things we need to be thinking about:

At our last conference, we did not exclude anyone who submitted a credible presentation proposal. The only submissions that fell off our rubric were incomplete or unclear ones. In practice, it did not seem necessary to put anyone who had risen to our challenge of presenting online to much more stringent tests. Again, in practice, it seems that the presentations we accepted were by and large of high quality, certainly higher than what you might expect at a face to face conference.

Steering Committee - Wiki collaboration on the Steering Committee - If you are on the Steering Committee please visit here and provide feedback:

The WiAOC conference is a convergence in every sense of the word. It is a convergence of communities, concepts, conversations, and colleages. Management of complex convergences is a matter of coordination where no one is in control. Many visions must be accommodated. Some of the tasks below are deemed necessary to putting on an online conference; others have been self-selected by the participants and innovators. It is the task of the coordinator to ensure that those with appropriate contributions have a voice and that the different pieces loosely joined are somehow aggregated into a cohesive whole.

This table is being maintained at our wiki I'm keeping an archival copy here, but please consult the wiki for latest information (and add your name where you wish to volunteer)

Task Description Volunteers willing to assist
Call for Papers This team proposes wording for a CfP, solicits feedback and decides on final wording, coordinates with proposal submissions on timing of CfP and deadline for submissions, and oversees distribution of CfP worldwide Dennis Oliver, Claire Bradin-Siskin, Vance Stevens
China coordinator Vance asked Yaodong to assist with problems of access to and participation in WiAOC particular to China Yaodong Chen
Help system Dennis Oliver volunteered to create one - could Dafne Gonzalez work with him to create a wiki page for each venue? Coordinate with Elderbob at Knowplace and Moira on Partner relations? See names at left
Keynotes committee The keynote committee collaborated via a Google doc to decide on first and second tier candidates and issued invitations to first tier candidates by early February. The committee is now working to schedule those accepting, to harvest their abstracts and bio-details, and to possibly expand the number of speakers Barbara Dieu, Dafne Gozalez, Dennis Oliver, Jeff Lebow, Susanne Nyrop, Vance Stevens
Knowplace coordination offers a weekend a month to experiment and ask questions abou both the Moodle and presenting in Elluminate through our KnowTips room at Learning Times. These are free asynchrounous weekends that are open to anyone and last for an entire weekend, and you can attend as many times as you like. If there are presenters out there that need to practice, this would be a great way to get some experience before you give your actual presentation. Additionally, there are several of us at Knowplace who enrolled in Moodle Teacher Certification and would love a challenge, so if you have any question about Moodle or how it operates, we would welcome your interest. I am hoping that eventually we will be able to set something like this up with DimDIm as well. If you are interested let me know. Elderbob Brannan
Partner (sponsor) coordinator Moira has been working with DimDim creator and can move into being point person for other coordination tasks if these can be defined for her. Moira Hunter
Portals Vance has created a clean portal for the conference and mirror at and . Jeff has offered a Drupal portal prototype at The portal team needs to decide how access to the conference can best be achieved worldwide, and ensure that the various entries to the conference are apparent to participants Vance Stevens
Portal: Drupal Jeff has offered a Drupal portal prototype at (it will likely be moved and placed in the webheadsinaction domain). The portal team needs to decide how access to the conference can best be achieved worldwide Jeff Lebow
Portal: Wiki The role of the 'official' wiki for the conference has yet to be specified, but it has been set up at: Dafne Gonzales
Portal: WiABCO proposals YGroup The group description is for Nov 2005. It needs to be updated in case any volunteers reach the site and want to join and work with us Chris Jones
Proposals submission and scheduling system We have a wiki page devoted to this here:; This work is top priority for end of Feb Fernanda Rodrigues
Proposal vetting This team will read proposals after submission deadline and apply rubric to judge their suitability to the conference Dafne Gonzalez, Dennis Oliver, James Simpson, Lee Baber, Moira Hunter, Susanne Nyrop, Vance Stevens
Strands and differentiation Implement a way of differentiating which sessions offer an introduction to an application and which one offer teaching suggestions, pedagogy, theory, etc. - a way to organize different types of sessions so that the organization will be relatively transparent to participants. Chris Jones and Buthaina Al Othman
Unconference strand Place here wikipedia definition of unconference Michael Coghlan and Elderbob Brannan

The following people have volunteered to help but have not yet assigned themselves to specific tasks: Jean Vermel, Hala Fawsi, Laine Marshall, Nina Liakos, Rita Zeinstejer, Sedat Akayoglu, Sharon Holdner, Susan Burg, Tom Leverett

Supporters and Partners

  8. DiscoverE:
Our Partners:
Learning Times


Tapped In



Opensource for Educators
The Convergence Moodle




Accomplished in January

Vance solicited help from Webheads list members in this message: and elicited comments on the timing of the conference here:

  1. Steering Committee and subcommittees formed
  2. Conference dates set to: Friday May 18, Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th
  3. Conference theme: CONNECT: CON-versations on Networking, Education, Communities, and Technology
  4. Keynote Speakers

Accomplished in February.

Submissions system revived and made working for 2007

Purpose of page URL Comments Progress on task
Links to LOGIN, Submit proposal, Proposals rec'd, and Schedule 2-20-07: able to create an account & log in (Dennis)

submitted incomplete proposal
Looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
Register i.e. apply for an acct Works well for me - Vance Looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
Thank you for creating an account Looks fine, it would be nice to have a link here back to LOGIN but not crucial Looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
LOGIN page 2-20-07: log in OK (Dennis)

logged in; rec'd "not yet approved" message

Works well for me - Vance
Looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
Presentation proposal form / get New proposal form This looks servicable now. Submit works, changes appear to be allowed

Vance has requested that all partners be inlcuded in pulldown list
In pulldown menu Horizon Wimba not needed, and we NEED a selection for 'Moodle or other CMS' and 'Other' since we have two fields to fill out in case of those choices
Thanks, your proposal has been successfully submitted Fernanda informed us that Date has been set to April 7 now Looks set to go - Vance, March 4
Proposals Received Fernanda informed us that Date has been set to April 7 now Looks set to go - Vance, March 4
The dynamically generated Schedule   Looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
Enter your email address (to recover password) I think the script bombs if an email address is not found in dbase, and back button must be used. Would be better to have a sorry, try again page Not crucial, looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
Informs users that password sent to their address   Looks set to go - Vance, Feb 24
  There are more pages that allow admins to see and alter dbase, and vetters to view proposals. I am unable to see these until I can recover an admin password    

Vance's notes: My only other comment regards the pulldown box for venue. I think the info here is meant to be put directly into the schedule.

At the bottom of each of these pages there is a 1. logo 2. a set of partner logos 3. and links to: Bridges across Cyberspace portal | Convergence Moodle | Call for Participation | Webheads information

The links at the bottom of each page have all been set to:

  1. Cyberspace portal
  2. Convergence Moodle
    This might have to change to Convergence Drupal, url forthcoming; however no need to hold up the CfP. I can put a note at the Moodle redirecting if that happens, and Fernanda can alter the links when able.
  3. Call for Participation
  4. Webheads information
  5. Webheads in Action

It's important to give the links above exactly as indicated because some point to Fernanda's server in Portugal which is possibly accessible from anywhere in the world. For example the first link, if you use then it points to the geocities server, which is blocked in China, Vietnam, Tunisia, etc. So these links on all pages should be to the sites indicated.

The dynamic generation is not ideal because LT will assign a separate URL to each presentation there, so the venue cannot be given in the dynamic schedule at any rate, except for Alado and DiscoverE (not sure about Dim Dim)

We cannot ask for revision of the submission form unless something doesn't work and must be repaired. Fernanda does not have time to re-think the form. If we wanted different questions we would have to come up with our own system from scratch. I think the system Fernanda designed worked remarkably well last year and I would like to use it if the necessary fixes can be made.

Develop and issue CfP
Develop a Call for Papers, adapted from last conference
Pre-requisite to putting out CfP we need to have in place at least a submissions system linking to our portal at

Attract keynote speakers -

Accomplishments in March

Submissions system: To see outstanding issues; click here

Call for Papers

WiAOC 2005

This second conference follows a successful first convergence in November 2005.

HELP still in place from 2005

Presenters: Help with presentations at Presenters Assistance Moodle; more information here
HelpDesk: Reception at for LIVE online help during the convergence | FAQs: | Help with Learning Times | Help with Alado | Help with Worldbridges | Help with Tapped In | Help with Moodle | Help with Java | Your time in GMT from Worldclock

Domains still linked to 2005 convergence: | | 2005 | |

Registration portal from 2005

Who was at WiAOC 2005? Put YOUR face on the map at

Registration at our Moodle:

This is a free conference. You may participate by following links here and you can enter the Moodle as a guest. Visitors are welcome. However you'll gain greater benefit from the conference by registering, uploading a picture to your profile, meeting the others whose profiles are there, and participating in the forums.

About Webheads

Webheads are a community of practice of language teachers and learners and others interested in professional uses of computer mediated communications, who collaborate extensively due to group cohesiveness developed through several years of working together, in rare cases face to face, but mostly online. For more information see: and

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