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Vance Stevens - 4th Wen Shan Conference on English Teaching, October 25, 2003
The Webheads Community of Language Learners and Teachers: Creating Environments for Teaching and Learning Languages, Blended and Online

An ideal language learning syllabus
This is how I learn Arabic, and how I design courses to learn Arabic

If you want to learn a language, or if you want to teach a foreigner your language, here's how

Many teachers don't believe it is possible to teach using only target language discourse and

Many teachers feel that script / caligraphy is too great a leap for the students.

Many TL teachers think students need heavy L1 support.

(Grammar study is ok, as long as it's discussed in TL).

Many learners believe that they must have L1 support.
Those in this group who are themselves language teachers often teach their own classes using TL only.

That's it, that's the syllabus.

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