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Introducing the Web

Elsewhere in this website, you can view pages concerning

learning about HTML and web page design
finding tools for web page design
capturing web sites
introducing computers, as these introductions invariably move into web-based issues

There are a LOT of sites on the web explaining how to introduce web-based activities to teachers and students, and why ...and where. The following is a sampling.

There is an "Introductory Guide to the Internet", designed by James Christensen for use in teaching ESL students and teachers the basics of using the Internet (with a focus on the World-Wide Web) at: Go directly to (Web Enhanced Language Learning Project) (World of English) - has some free lessons for ESOL learners.

Clay Bond writes "my writing teachers wanted me to put tips up on the web for them, and the first stage is done, at"

Web tips from Project Cool: (Learn to build a "great" website; find resources)

From the lists: "Gymnasia Virtuales, run by Rob Higgins at Cybercorp. ... very helpful in preparing for online teaching ... half academics and half from business/government ... a good balance of ed theory and hands-on experience .... The url is ..." (What you'll find here is a course outline with few hot links, so you probably have to sign up to benefit - gvs)

OU CALL Lab's Help page:

Arun Kumar Tripathi,, makes informative postings on Neteach giving a variety of sources for web resources and basic information. Click here to see some of Arun's postings.

Judy Gallian has given a number of presentations on the benefits of student web projects, interactive or Internet syllabi and related issues in instructional technology. Summaries of the presentation and links to examples of student work are available at (6 Apr 1999, TEACHTECH LIST)


Citing and Evaluating what you find on the Web

Vance's 'sample report' comparison of websites about how students can judge the integrity of what they find on the web:

Teaching Critical Evaluation Skills for WWW Resources

There's a collection of links to evaluation tools at Infoseek: Please note that you can also link to larger topics from this page: Directory > Internet > About the Internet > Use the Net effectively >Evaluate information - Cheers, John McVicker

"English Language Institute Technology Tip of the Month: Evaluating Sources" (Deborah Healey, Oregon State University): (corrected May 11, 1999)

"Evaluating Internet Research Sources" (Robert Harris, Southern California College)

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators at

In July, 1998, on TESLCA-L

Similar material can be found at


Internet English - WWW-Based Communication Activities by Richard P. Taylor et al, Oxford University Press has a dedicated Website at

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