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Professional Organizations for ESL and Language Learning

Linda Thalman has a list of professional organizations on her website.
See also Kenji and Kathleen Kitao's "Organizations and Mailing Lists in TESL/TEFL,Linguistics, and Communication"

AACE - Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education - - The Association for the Advancement of Computers in Education (AACE) is an international, educational and professional not-for profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the knowledge, theory, and quality of learning and teaching at all levels with information technology. This purpose of AACE is accomplished through the encouragement of scholarly inquiry related to information technology in education and the dissemination of research results and their applications through: publications, conferences , societies & chapters, inter-organizational projects.

AECT - Association for Educational Communications and Technlogy -
Agora Marketplace

AILA (International Association of Applied Linguistics)

AIS - Association of Information Systems

Association for Learning Technology:
Association of Internet Researchers (organization and e-mail list)

ALT Association for Learning Technology (

APACALL started as an on-line association and hopes to have more on-line activities and meetings with members online. The APACALL Newsletter can be found linked from the 'Members' page of the APACALL Web site: Join APACALL by filling out a membership application form given on the 'Guests' page of the APACALL Web site ( ). Subscribe to the APACALL E-list at (I was invited to be an Executive Committee Member of APACALL in Oct 2002 - Vance)

The British Council has an "English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS) list" ELTECS-L@LIST1.BRITISHCOUNCIL.ORG. The ELTeCS website is at You can find previous ELTeCS-L postings at: Also, Teaching English, the newsletter for the BBC | British Council site,

CALICO - Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium

CET - The Center for Educational Technology
COFLT Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching. Current spring conference information, and for all "past conference presenters as well as other language professionals: there is a section for you to publish your conference presentations, teaching demos and ideas, and language teaching experiences to our site for everyone to see. If you are interested, please email the COFLT webmaster at" November 17, 2006
CUE - Computer Using Educators -
ELICOS - has a flash website that looks flashy but you can't get any info from it, can't even find out what ELICOS stands for, only that it's Australian -


A good entry to the extensive ERIC resource is AskERIC, whose menu gives you such items as the Virtual Library, Research and Development, and an ERIC Database search facility. As of this writing, numerous ERIC Digests are available online, and plans are apparently to make ERIC ED and EJ documents available in full-text form as well. At present however, these may be ordered online from ERIC Document Reproduction Service.

The Center for Applied Linguistics will link you to the ERIC Clearinghouse on Languages and Linguistics homepage. Here you can perform database searches and access such items as the EricCLL Digests and the EricCLL Minibibs, for example, the ERIC/CLL Minibib on Computer-Assisted Language Learning.

An ERIC partner is the National Clearinghouse on Bilingual Education. Among other facilities, they have an online library. Under Education Research, for example, there are full-text reports and journal articles. There are links here to back issues of the New York State Association for Bilingual Education Journal and to few full-text articles from selected issues of TESOL Journal and TESOL Quarterly. The NCBE homepage also features Language and Education Links with a technology page with annotated links to a number of web sites of interest to CALL enthusiasts.


After was squatted in 2003, members have been able to reach the EUROCALL website at is in fact the true location of the website, so if for any reason ceases to work then please use the 'backup' URL at Limerick.

The EdWeb Project is at

The Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) - (In March 2001, the EdNA VET Advisory Group (EVAG) agreed to change its name to the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG) as a more accurate reflection of the priorities of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework Program.)

IALLT - The International Association for Language Learning Technology (was IALL), a professional organization for those involved in the development, integration, evaluation, and management of instructional technology for the teaching and learning of language, literature and culture:



InSTIL is a special interest group spanning professional organizations such as CALICO and EuroCALL; more info at the web site at

ISTE - International Society fo Technology in Education -
JALT,, with links to JALT publications, e.g.


NCELTR: National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research, Macquarie University, Sydney, Chris Candlin, Executive Director

National Clearinghouse for ESL, Literacy Education (NCLE), Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, NCLE provides practitioners and others with timely information about adult ESL literacy education, at:

NCET's (National Council for Education Technology) Key UK organisations and companies in education and technology

For information on the NECC convention, see

Netskills, according to its home page, "helps the UK higher education community develop the network skills to make effective use of the Internet for teaching, research, and administration." Netskills provides an interactive tutorial course (for which you must register), training materials (again, not free), and other resources for net-based educators. Netskills produces an online newsletter with back issues from early 1996. There is a forum, and a set of conference reports on the resources page.

OTAN: Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association,

PacificCALL at aims to promote the use and professional support of CALL in its region of interest, the Pacific Rim. It plans to hold annual conferences and issue Calls for Papers for the (peer-reviewed) Journal, PaCALL. There are individual Topic SIGs for various activities, practical courseware projects and information-sharing. The association is inviting CALL practitioners with an interest in the region to join them in promoting CALL.

SALT - Society for Applied Learning Technology - (Proceedings for sale)

SANTEC network of African educators, focuses on educational technology for development internationally. Membership is free: Register in the new SANTEC collaboration environment at where you can create a personal homepage, participate in wiki projects, start your own blog, meet other members, participate in online seminars, experience podcasting, have a CHAT and much more!

SANTEC now focuses on educational technology for development internationally, and has a brand new online collaboration environment and a new international board! (The updated SANTEC website is at It is essential that you register in the new SANTEC collaboration environment at" target=_blank > where you can create a personal homepage, participate in wiki projects, start your own blog, meet other members, participate in online seminars, experience podcasting, have a CHAT and much more!

TESOL: Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

TESOL Quarterly Online Current and recent (2001 and forward) issues of TESOL Quarterly (TQ), with article abstracts, are available online through IngentaSelect. Full articles from these issues are available to TQ subscribers -- request access using the link for "Individual Subscription Activation."

TESOL Worldwide Calendar of Events Looking for local events in the field of TESOL? Be sure to browse TESOL's Worldwide Calendar of Events or sign up for the conferences announcement list. You are welcome to submit events germane to the field of English language teaching for publication in the calendar and on the announcement e-list. The calendar is updated monthly. http://www.tesol .org/isaffil/calendar/index.html

TESOL Affiliates

UNTELE - Proceedings of UNTELE 1997, 1998, and 2000 are now available at

WAOE (World Association for Online Education) -

the WELL project: - from their site: "The prinicipal aim of the WELL Project (Web Enhanced Language Learning) was to promote wider awareness and more effective use of the World Wide Web for Modern Languages teaching across Higher Education (HE) in the United Kingdom (UK)."

WorldCALL is a worldwide professional association of CALL associations, embracing establish CALL associations such as EUROCALL, CALICO and IALLT. WorldCALL has held two major international conferences: WorldCALL 98 in Melbourne, Australia, and WorldCALL 2003 in Banff, Canada. A call for bids to host WorldCALL 2008 will be made in the near future and will be announced at the new WorldCALL website:

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