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Software Resources

Open Source

Some of the software I have installed on my most recent computer, January 2007

This site had a comprehensive listing free software in January 2007
Bear Bottoms Open Source and Freeware Research

Shareware and freeware

Note that this information was compiled back in the 1990's when it was necessary to keep lists such as this in order to have the information at hand. These days search engines such as Google or are probably your best resources for locating free software.


There is a "Crossword Puzzles for ESL Students" project at Anyone interested in contributing puzzles should read

Crossword Maker allows the delivery of crosswords in HTML; however, the crossword must have been previously constructed. (Crossword Creator might help here; also try the Xword compiler at

Half-Baked Software

Stewart Arneil and Martin Holmes created the immensely popular back in the mid-90's. Some other projects of theirs from that era:

With Echo teachers can quickly create their own interactive glossaries complete with sound. Echo offers the student word search, word and definition print out by topic and a language lab mode where students can listen, record their own voice then listen again as both the original sentence and their effort are automatically replayed for immediate feedback. To download (4.5 Mb) from the wizard in Oz:


Free e-mail on the web

Virus software

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