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Addressing ESL Skill Areas

As promised, I've dispersed what once appeared here onto the following separate pages:

Business English
Collaboration on the web to foster genuine communication
Listening and audio-based activities
MOOing and Chatting
TOEFL Preparation
Writing and Composition



The English To Go team is proud to support teachers around the world and would like to offer you a broader range of services. While continuing to provide the free weekly lessons we would like to introduce:

a.. Weekly lessons for pre-intermediate and intermediate students

b.. English for Science

c.. Business English lessons

d.. Improved PDF print quality

e.. On-line student-centered exercises to be linked to a free weekly lesson

f.. Grammar pages that explore some of the more interesting areas of the English language

g.. Discussion groups for teachers

h.. Searchable library of past lessons


Hard to categorize this one - as a Guest, you can find some interesting exercises here. Better bone up on your sea lingo, matey.

Xercise, a project by Ruth Vilmi's students,

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