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CFPs and Web Sites
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Last updated: September 9, 2008 04:00 GMT

Includes deadlines for submission of presentations and other Calls for Papers

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Conference locator resources

David Warlick has a unique way of tracking both upcoming and past conferences at:

British Council: The ELTeCS calendar of recent and upcoming events is at On another initiative, there is a section for conferences on the home page of for conferences, (both viewed Jan 10, 2007)

Conference Alerts is a database with read/write Web 2.0 capabilities. There is a page on "Language Conferences Worldwide Upcoming events in language, linguistics, speech and hearing therapy, translation, TESOL and related fields" - and "E-learning Conferences Worldwide Upcoming events in internet-based education, educational technology and related fields" - (viewed January 27, 2007)

"Conference Schedules for Linguists, Translators, Interpreters, and Teachers of Languages is at: It's a feature of Roy Cochrun's Russian Resource. (viewed May 8, 2002) (Distance Learning Channel) features a distance-learning calendar with events all over the world at (viewed May 8, 2002)

On the EUROCALL website in the Resources section, there's now a calendar of events worldwide related to CALL and educational technology - see This was previously hosted on the C&IT Centre website at, where a redirection notice has been left to point users to the new location

Conferences in the United States and elsewhere used to be listed at “theNODE” Learning Technologies Network: at the link (viewed May 21, 2001, but not found in Jan 2007). The Node newsletter ceased publication in 2002.

Bill Pellowe has set up a site about ELT in Japan, which lists technology-related conferences as well.

TESOL lists conferences of interest to its members at; here you can add your event to the list and subscribe to the Conference Calendar Announcement e-list (viewed May 8, 2002)

Linda Thalman also posts Conference Announcements Worldwide / Congres dans le Monde as part of her English and French Language Resources: (viewed May 8, 2002)

Youngwoo Kim's aims to share information among ESL researchers all over the world. Among features are Calendar, Call for papers, Conferences, Job postings, Research Report, Mailing lists, Info Exchange, Search, Link, and Graduate Programs. (viewed May 8, 2002)

Listed in Papyrus News:

Here you can find conferences listed from the most recent DOWN

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