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Setting up and running CALL labs

On this page, below, you can get an introduction to setting up CALL labs, locate model implementations, and find out about training teachers. Elsewhere on this website, you can:

See a "hot" list of commercial software vendors and their websites
Find where to download software
Find out about search engines and locate discussion lists
Find sources of information on technical issues
Link to a computer/periferals/furniture hardware page
Find links to sites orienting Newbies toward CALL and technology
Learn, or teach others, about web development
Find links to audio technology and applications in listening, pronunciation, speech recognition
Find links to video technology and applications such as video conferencing
Find out about authoring tools

Lab management tools:

Guide to Good Practice for learning and teaching in Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies Resources for independent language learning: design and use - This CIEL handbook relating to design and use of resources for independent language learning discusses individual learning styles and how best to support them; the selection and design of self access independent language learning materials; the types of resources available along with their location and organisation; and also tandem learning; the role of the language assistant and language exchanges: Author: Ciel Language Support Network © CIEL Project, 2000 This article was added to our website on 14/01/03.

The info below is mostly from 1999; I'll clean it out when I can - Vance

Pointers for CALL Managers

Media Center Web Sites

Photos of lab layouts

Net nannies

The following was compiled by Leslie Opp-Beckman and posted to teslca-l (by Derya Dincer) on Jun 14, 1999:

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